Monday, April 18, 2011

Sports Quick Hits

Some plans got changed around for me this weekend, and I ended up at the Reds games on Saturday and Sunday. I didn't have time to come up with a specific article on one topic, so consider this our version of ESPN's bottom line...just more descriptive.

A quick aside here, but after attending 4 Reds games in this young season, I think I can say that Reds fans might be some of the worst foul-ball catchers out there.

- First up, Chizzy and I have our alternating mock draft underway. I'll be handling the odd numbered picks, and he'll take care of the even numbered picks. We should have that up in the next couple of days.

- Sticking with the draft, I can't provide you with full disclosure, but what I can tell you is that Chris Kouffman, from the "Draft Winds" series I mentioned in my mock draft, will have his "Path to the Draft" episode aired sometime early this week. Obviously some of it will be scrubbed out due to time constraints, as you have in any interview. If you'll remember he was asked to come on the show for their piece on Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett...and let's just say that at some point this week a bomb is going to be dropped. And I'm not talking a conventional 500lb bomb, or even a MOAB (Mother of all bombs - considered to be the most powerful non-nuclear weapon)'s going to be full nuclear. I'll give you a heads-up on what to look for when it happens, if you can't tell.

- One last NFL nuggett for you. Judge Nelson's "a few weeks" ruling will be at two this Thursday. It remains to be seen on whether or not she'll end the lockout, thus allowing the players to return to working out at their facilites. No word yet on free agency or the trading of players. Mediation begins again tomorrow, and DeMaurice Smith's hat collection will be there.

- If you remember Chizzy's article about Bryan Stow, it's regrettable to hear that he was put back into a medically induced coma over the weekend. Please remember to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

- Thanks to Schwendy's NHL Preview, I found myself watching some hockey in the past few days. I guess if I had to pick a favorite team, it'd be the Rangers, as that was my dad's team (we used to live near New York City when I was 3). They lost to the Captials in OT despite being ahead late into the 3rd period. I got up after the game, and when I came back to the TV, the Canucks - Blackhawks game was about to start. A fat guy started singing "Oh Canada", with a more than raucous crowd joining in to the point the fat guy stopped and simply held the mic up for the crowd. This video isn't from the playoff game, and I'm not sure if this is how "Oh Canada" traditionally works in Vancouver, as the same fat dude is singing in every YouTube video I could find, but to give you a sense of how much Canadiens love hockey, watch this. Keep in mind this is from 2009, but it was the same last week. I doubt we'll be seeing something like this in the States, eh?

- Barry Bonds was convicted on obstruction of justice. And you expected something else to happen? I think it'd be better for baseball history if Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Palmierio, et al just came out and admitted they used steroids. I mean, really, you're telling me this guy became this guy by hard work in the gym? Please.

- If Dwight Howard were on any other NBA playoff team, that team would win the championship hands down. He scored 46, Jameer Nelson scored 27. No other player on the Magic scored more than 6 points. You do the math.

- Chizzy's NBA Preview was pretty in line with my NBA Playoff fantasy picks. I'm part of a league called the "Fantasy Heptathlon", where we bet on seven different sporting events each year. As defending champion of the NBA Playoff picks, let me just say that I felt very, very shaky with my selections this year. Here are my first round picks (we must correctly identify the winner and the length of the series. 1 point is lost for each game you're off. For instance, if you picked the Bulls to sweep, and they do, you get 8 points).

Eastern Conference:

Bulls over Pacers in 4 - I went ballsy with that one.
Heat over 76ers in 5 - Yeah, I think Philly could steal one.
Celtics over Knicks in 6 - I regret picking this series to last that long already.
Magic over Hawks in 6 - To quote Homer J. Simpson, "Doh!"

Western Conference:

Spurs over Grizzlies in 7 - Feeling pretty good about this after Game 1.
Lakers over Hornets in 4 - Damn you Chris Paul.
Portland over Dallas in 6 - I got nothing.
Thunder over Nuggets in 6 - I've got the Thunder going to the West Finals.

- I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing. Hard to tell after each series has only 1 game played. That said, how do the NBA Playoffs last so long? I mean really, these teams all play back-to-back home and away games half the year. Just for an example, Orlando and Atlanta won't play their Game 3 until this Friday. It's no wonder people watch March Madness more, though I'll make one guarantee however. All games in the NBA Finals, however many there are, will ALL be better than Butler vs. UConn.

That's it for now, keep on the lookout for our Alternating Mock Draft, and for the bomb that's about to be dropped regarding Ryan Mallett.

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  1. Updating the Quick Hits...apparently NFLPA lead attroney DeMaurice Smith won't be able to attend the mandated mediation session today due to a family emergency. If something big should happen in mediation today, which is unlikely, it's probably best DeMaurice Smith isn't a part of it. After all, he stabbed the owners in the eyes with their last proposal in the D.C. federal mediation process.

    Also, for those thinking that the NFL's release of their schedule tonight means good things for the prospects of football this fall, not so fast. The NFL announced several weeks ago they would release the schedule (I believe this was before court-ordered mediation was announced). At the time there was no set date for it, so the fact that it coincides with the return of mediation is just purely coincidence and good marketing as it's something that will get the fans off mediation and the Draft, even if only for a few days.