Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Daily Rant: LeBron Not for NFL

Prior to this offseason's lockout Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall said he'd like to try out for the Miami Heat if the regular season is cancelled. We saw Chad Ochocino make a reserve MLS team in Kansas City. Ravens S Tom Zbikowski is 3-0 in his professional boxing career. Though it may not seem like it now, the NBA is headed towards a lockout is well, and despite the child-like arguing we've seen between Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith (whose hat collection is atrocious) the NBA's situation is worse.

Out the other night, I overheard someone say, "LeBron James will just play football and dominate in the NFL". I hope this was a delusional Cavs/Browns fan, let's face it they're one in the same, hoping he'd play back in Cleveland. Lord knows I'd hate it if he were in a Dolphins uniform. Which brings me to my rant, LeBron James would be an absolute failure in the NFL.

While some might point to the fact he was an All-American WR at St. Vincent St. Mary's High where a hundred other kids that never made the NFL. Heck, even Heisman Trophy Winners have had a rough go of it as of late.

Charlie Ward, Florida State - played for the New York Knicks (not a typo)
Eric Crouch, Nebraska - switched to S by St. Louis, then out of the league
Jason White, Oklahoma - never played a down
Matt Leinart, USC - I'm sure he's living it up at a kegger somewhere
Reggie Bush, USC - he'd be an all-time bust if not for his special teams abilities
Troy Smith, Ohio State - career backup at best
Tim Tebow, Florida - John Elway's already looking at QBs in Denver

So please, don't tell me LeBron's skills would translate. We don't know how LeBron would've made it through at least 3 years of college football (the NFL's rule states you must be 21 or three year's removed from your high school graduation date). I don't see any 6'8" wide receivers roaming the league. LeBron's certainly got some athleticism, but he's a long-strider, which wouldn't behoove his frame. LeBron whines at getting knicked on the arm nearly every play - he's not tough. Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum constantly get held by two and three guys in the paint and don't whine half as much as LeBron.

How's it going to look when he's got to catch a slant or post over the middle and Ray Lewis or Troy Polamalu breaks him in half. This assuming he could even get off the line of scrimmage versus somebody who eats weights like LaMarr Woodley or Tamba Hali. If I have to watch another special of Todd McShay breaking down LeBron's football skills when McShay can barely breakdown a normal college football player, well, I'll probably call up Danny McGrath to take out LeBron and Todd McShay (yes, that was a Billy Madison reference). But seriously, just stop. LeBron won't be dominating the NFL. Ever.

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